Please phone us if your questions are not answered here!
Q: Do I need ID to hire from you?
A: Yes, we need two forms of ID prior to the start of a hire: a bank or credit card with either a driving licence, passport or utility bill showing your current address.
Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: We ask customers to pay in advance by debit or credit card. A deposit is usually required. Regular customers may apply to open a trade account.
Q: Is there a charge for delivery and collection?
A: Rates for transport vary according to distance, type of machine hired and duration of contract. Please call for a quotation.
Q: What are my responsibilities for the safety and return of the equipment?
A: All equipment remains on hire until returned to Masco. If you need it to be collected you should telephone to ensure we “take it off hire”. You should secure the equipment at all times; it is the responsibility of the hirer to insure against all losses. We do charge for damaged or missing equipment.
Q: What should I do if the hire period is longer than expected?
A: You should tell Masco as soon as possible so that alternative collection arrangements may be made, if required. Please remember that equipment is charged for time away, not time used.
Q: What happens if the machine fails to work?
A: In the unlikely event of a breakdown you should either return the equipment or contact Masco and request a service call. Do not attempt to repair the machine yourself.
Q: How are hire charges worked out?
A: 1 Day = the rate for the first 24 hours (minimum hire). Additional Days = every 24 hours after the first day or week.
Weekend 3 for 2 deal = collect midday on Friday, return midday on Monday charged for 2 days hire.
Weekly = maximum rate for 7 day period (up to 40 hours use re: plant)